Discover Colossus Studio


Colossus Studio is a creative organization that combines augmented reality with digital fashion, NFT, and blockchain to produce various designs.
The spread of NFT trend led to increased interest to the world of digital art and gaming. At the same time, NFT designs nowadays went totally out of the context. Only thing seen is nothing but thousands of pixels. We believe that with our art, NFT will begin to mean more than the context in which it was defined. That's why we founded Colossus Studio. Colossus literally means bigger than it is. As a team, we want to show that there is no limit to what this industry can do.
As well as the NFT trend and the AR technology industry, which has just entered our lives, is growing without any setbacks. The usage of AR technology, which is expected to create a market value of more than 76 billion dollars in 2030; a merge with NFT technology can accelerate the growth rates of the market. Exactly what Colossus intends to. "Merge our experiance in AR technology with the world of NFTs, expand and improve utility of the industry like never before."


As creators, we chose the genre of Cyberpunk, a subcategory of science-fiction; to reflect the future world of our art line. Today's world is changing very fast and we think that we are witnessing a revolution. With Cyberpunk, we want to highlight designs with lowlife and high-tech structures. Our collectibles won't have faces because these robots are different from us and not human-like. Total independence of real life to create art. Inasmuch as they are a character modification of the marginalized and computerized people who will live the dystopic world of the future, they shouldn't have faces unlike us.