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Long time ago

Story of Colossus
While life goes on, on a small, blue planet; a febrile work is taking place on a far-away globe.
Far long time ago from today, from unknown reasons, four scientists have arrived a planet far away. The moment they step on the surface, scientists didn't realized they are inhaling chemicals that are improving their awareness. Only thing they are aware, the need of making a sense from the pure existence and making that thought practical so they can advance as humanity. With adaptation, they have started to work and that started the fire of progress. The quest at the edge of their awareness. An ecstatic voyage caused by atmosphere
Have made them delicate and productive on matters of science and art.
50% Road will never end, but for now they have realized their accomplishments. They must show this works to world, make their message reach and show they do exist and the reason behind it... Today they are looking at their first product in lab. Digital robots made by them is nearly done. People can use those robots as avatars, experience them as AR and more while completing their adaptation with metaverse. Even now, at tiny blue planet there are big things happening. The colossus of rhodes does not exist today, but the colossus of art and the digital society emerge to exist on a road with four scientist.